Breaking the language Barrier

Learn Arabic. Speak Arabic. Understand Arabic.

What we do

Arabic as the Lingua Franca

Arabic was once the lingua franca during the Islamic Golden Age. It is not unrealistic to expect that to return some day. Proficient Language aspires to create a community in Singapore that are able to communicate comfortably in Arabic. Some of our students from the Madrasah Enrichment Programme have moved on to further their studies and graduated from their respective universities and are already contributing to the Arabic industry. Our adult students from the Modern Arabic programme have benefitted greatly from our Arabic classes and managed to apply it onto their lives, as teachers, artists, engineers, designers, home-makers, retailers, etc. Everyone can benefit.

Learn Arabic, Experience Arabia

What better place to practice and learn Arabic than in the Middle East. Journey to Morocco’s classic destinations, visiting its four imperial cities, its mountains and its desert. You’ll see the stunning colonial architecture and palm-lined boulevards of Rabat. The impressive monumental gates, the craftsmen, markets and Mosques of Fes. Having its own unique history, Morocco is one unforgettable cultural adventure!

What People Say

Without a good teacher, the student is lost. Ustaz Hamzah Nordin is one of those good teachers that will guide you throughout your learning journey of the Arabic language.

– Muhammad Abduh

Highly recommended! Even slow learners will not be disappointed. Thumbs up for you Ustaz Hamzah.

– Maria Wan Nah

Alhamdulillah. Jazaakallah Khair. Comprehensive yet simple to understand. Qualified and experience teachers, recommended to all, regardless of age, gender, knowledge level and understanding.

– Hafiz Azhar